Friday, 21 June 2013


In todays post I want to write about this vintage shop in Kilkenny; Ireland called Shutterbug.
To say that it is one of my favourite vintage shops would be an understatement!
I first heard about it through facebook and so I decided to go and check out there pop up shop that they were holding in town. I was pleasantly surprised, not just by the amazing clothing but also by the amazing prices! I found some great buys that day. I bought levis, yes LEVIS shorts for just 20 euros, a fantastic vintage gold top, a checked shirt (I got the second one for free I might add) and I also bought a pair of topshop shorts for 10 euros! Now if that wasn't a bargain I don't know what is.

They often hold kilo sales in either Kilkenny or in Dublin and they always live up to my very high expectations. For those of you that are not familiar with what a kilo sale is, it is basically a giant sale!
You walk into a big room and there are countless racks, boxes and shelves jam packed with gorgeous clothing and in Shutterbugs case gorgeous vintage clothing. You pick up as many pieces of clothing as you wish and you put them into a big black bin bag or bags depending on how much you pick up, the bags are weighed and it is 20 euros per kilo. You would be surprised by the amount that you get for this amount. For example, the first Shutterbug kilo sale that I went to was down in Kilkenny and I left with three big bags of clothes. I was over the moon with my finds and you would not believe the quality! I must not forget to mention that the customer service is also excellent in person and online.

Here are some photographes of just a few of the amazing items that I have purchased from Shutterbug/Folkster over the last while:

This is the description that the owners themselves said about this shop:
"Shutterbug is an affordable, street-style vintage store owned by brother and sister Eoin Hennessy (photographer) & Blanaid Hennessy (stylist/buyer), who are aided and abetted by stylists Paula Doolin and Sinead Kelly."

"The store’s ethos is ‘overdressed for the occassion, underdressed for the weather’ at at prices that make sure every day can be a dress-up day. Expect everything from uber-glamorous...
sequin dresses to rough and ready military jackets. We are also re-designing and customising vintage Levi cut-offs in store to order, and adding our own style to reloved pieces. "

"Shutterbug runs a popular Kilo Sale even twice a year and recently launched their online site and now stock Jeffrey Campbell shoes. > "
I cannot stress enough how much I love this shop and so I urge you to click onto the link above for their online website and/or look them up on facebook :Shutterbug. You will not be disappointed, the selection of fashion Is simply getting better and better.

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